Marlins Stadium: Barry Jackson in depth coverage

The Miami Herald
Posted on Sun, Jul. 24, 2011
Marlins’ new stadium brings jobs, new business opportunities

Barry Jackson –
Construction of the Marlins’ dazzling new palace has entered the late innings now, a smidgen over three-quarters complete.

The 8,300-ton retractable roof is secured. Most of the seats, nearly all painted blue, are firmly in place. The 51-foot tall Jumbotron scoreboard towers over right field.

By September, the exterior skin of the stadium will be finished. So will the installation of the thermoplastic white membrane that will cover the roof. By January, televisions and furniture will be installed. By February, the playing surface will be laid down and fish will be frolicking inside two 24-foot aquariums on each side of home plate. And by March, the ballpark will be hosting events, including at least one Marlins spring training game.

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