Padawan Morrison Back Too Soon? Sith Happens

Recently, Padawan Morrison was ordered to leave Planet Jazz and return to Sun Life. To understand why this move is such a risk, a little background is needed.

Following the Yuuzhan Vong War, the system of training Jedi became more regimented and organized, more closely resembling the setup of training in the Old Republic era. Students were divided into groups based on age, each group having a predetermined set of techniques to be learned, like Force Jump, Telekinesis, Force Persuasion, and center fielding exercises.

Now Padawan Morrison has had his training cut short so as to assist Master Yoda’s older brother, Master McKeon, in the loneliest of outposts. While there have been cases where leaving the training early has not done harm, every galaxy has its Darth Vader. Time will tell if this desperate maneuver — Younglings despise uncertainty — was short-sighted. After all, we of all people, know that Sith happens.

These are Larry Beinfest’s potential statements on the recall of Logan Morrison.

Will The Miami Marlins Waste The Mike Stanton Years?

Will the Miami Marlins waste the Mike Stanton years? First let’s define the Stanton years.

Under the current MLB CBA which expires this year, a player is eligible for free agency after 6 full years of service. One of the main reasons the Marlins didn’t bring Stanton up from the minors until June last season, is to avoid having the 2010 season count as a full season and thereby extend the period of time they control him. Which means that this 2011 season, his 2nd year in MLB, is technically the first of six he needs to file for free agency [The Freedom from Loria Act]. That would keep Stanton a Marlin through 2016, five more seasons after this one.

Except that no team would sign Stanton to yearly arbitration-determined salaries, between the 2013 [he’s a Super 2] and 2016 seasons, only to lose him for nothing the following season. Therefore, at the latest and maybe earlier, the California native would likely be traded before or during the 2016 season when he would be only 26 years old. Mike Stanton’s next non-arbitration contract could make him the highest paid player in MLB. Jeffrey Loria won’t write that check, unless Mike takes up painting. That’s why I believe that Stanton’s Marlins years will realistically last 4 more seasons past this 2011 season.

So who will the Marlins surround Stanton with? I go through each position player — forget pitching and injuries for now — and indicate what I think can be expected — using ESPN and Fangraphs [UZR/150] statistics to compare with other National League players — based on past performance.

Bottom line, unless there’s a Bizarro World Marlins farm system out there somewhere, this franchise doesn’t appear to have enough offense or defense based on its current position players and their performance to date to compete — Phillies and Braves are like the Patriots and Jets — during the next 4 Stanton seasons.

See the position players listed below:


Will Logan Morrison Put A Dent In Beinfest’s Reputation?

After establishing that Larry Beinfest’s track record of personnel moves since 2005 includes many mistakes [click here], imagine my surprise that Beinfest has now set his sights on David Samson’s record for unbelievable public statements. This from the SunSentinel’s J.C. Rodriguez about how the Morrison demotion was handled:

When the door opened to the media [after Saturday nights game], manager Jack McKeon said the moves were decisions made by the organization and that Morrison needed to “work on his whole game.”

Morrison was sitting by his locker with his head down, seemingly in shock after being summoned from the training room to the manager’s office, where President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and GM Mike Hill delivered the stunning news.

“Heartbreaking move, disappointed. What are you hitting, .240?” Morrison said Beinfest told him. “I don’t know if that makes any sense to me or you guys, but all I know is I go out and give everything for this team. I play hurt, play through injury and this is how you get treated. It doesn’t seem very fair or right to me.

“They didn’t say anything about [my 17 homers and 60 RBI]. They didn’t say anything about maybe the reason I was hitting .240 was getting the guy over to third rolling over ground balls, not worrying about average.”

Of course, no one believed the reasons given by management and over the next few days it became clear that the reason for the demotion was not baseball related. I have no idea whether Logan Morrison deserves to be punished for his behavior. My point is that only an organization which has become accustomed to operating with disregard towards its fan base would pull such an arrogant stunt.


Will Maybin Put A Dent In Beinfest’s Reputation?

Will Cameron Maybin put a dent in Larry Beinfest’s reputation? I have 3 answers:

  • Yes, for those who think that his track record consists mostly of successful moves.
  • No, evaluating baseball talent is difficult. The most telling fact about that job is that Albert Pujols was drafted in the 13th round. Even the best have failures.
  • Yes, but not the dent you’re thinking of, I’m thinking Dark Knight.

Harvey Dent once told Bruce Wayne, “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” I recalled that movie line after hearing about the recent exploits of Cameron Maybin and it made me think of Larry Beinfest, the Florida Marlins Director of Baseball Operations. If we alter the quote to fit Beinfest’s job, it might say;

“You either quit after a championship or hang around long enough to miss on four consecutive 1st round draft picks and cause people to snicker when they hear you referred to as a genius by fawning fans and/or radio personalities.”

The analysis below from the Elias Sports Bureau is why the two hyper-linked in my mind: (more…)

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